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‘Ashawos’ invade new Circle interchange

Source: Al-Hajj

Even before the Brazilian Construction firm, M/S Queiroz Galvao, working on the 74.88 million euro 3-tier interchange at Kwame Nkrumah Circle completes its work, parts of the interchange which is near completion is now the “hot spot” for commercial sex workers who ply their trade.

The ladies of the night, shabbily dressed in mini-skirts with some half-naked, have taken advantage of the diversion of the pedestrian walkway to position themselves in the dark alley under the ongoing Nkrumah –Accra stretch of the overpass to attract passersby.

Though the contractors work day and night with the hope of completing the project on the May 2015 schedule date, they are sometimes forced to make way for the sex workers when they start trooping to the place to transact their “daily business.”

While some of the artisans on the construction site confided in The aL-hAJJ that the speedy progress of the work is being hampered by the activities of these prostitute as they have to sometimes “stop whatever work we are doing there and either go home and come the next morning or we idle around until they live the place around 4 a.m.”

A steel-bender who spoke to this paper but did not want his name mentioned, narrated how they were once verbally abused by the prostitutes when they asked them to leave the place so that they can work.

He said although they have complained to their superiors about how the operations of the prostitutes could cause a delay in completing the project, they are yet to see any action been taken.

Surprisingly, where the prostitutes stand to transact business is a walking distance to a permanent place where the police mount road blocks every day around 10 pm in the night.