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Deal with mass exodus of Ghanaians abroad – Gov’t told


Government has been asked to create more employment opportunities as a measure to deal with the increasing number of Ghanaians seeking green pastures abroad.

Sallah Oaudrago, Founder of Belgium-based Human Rights Organisation, Beginners Foundation, says many Ghanaians are risking their lives to travel abroad because of job scarcity in the country.

According to Ms. Oaudrago, most Ghanaians seeking greener pastures outside the country do so because they cannot find jobs here. She indicated that persons rushing abroad are from various walks of life.

“People are there, University graduates, they don’t have work. Look at Agbogbloshie market. Some of them are dropouts. And because they don’t have anything to do, they are forced to come…”

She spoke of the dangers faced by Ghanaians in foreign countries and intimated that most people who enter her office regret leaving the country.

Ms. Oaudrago called for government to prioritize the provision of stable jobs for Ghanaians to engage in here. If the main reason for their departure is taken care of, Ghanaians won’t see the need to travel outside to find work.

Stories of Ghanaians being deported from various countries have long been an embarrassment to the nation. According to the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS), a total of 237 Ghanaians were voluntarily repatriated from various countries to Ghana last year.

In February this year, 25 Ghanaians were deported from the UK. Perhaps even more embarrassing was the mass request by over 200 Ghanaians for asylum in Brazil during the 2014 world cup in June.