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Suicide cases will soar if Mahama wins 2016 elections


An Investment Consultant who doubles as an ardent member of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Stephen Amoah, has described President Mahama’s government as one without priority to stringently use state resources to address the hardships of Ghanaians.

According to him, President Mahama’s administration is “taking the citizenry to the bottom of a bottomless pit” with the consistent increase of fuel prices and the cost of living in the country, as it has become difficult to give a helping hand to the needy in the country.

Addressing the genesis of the woes of the country, Stephen Amoah said on “Boiling Point” on Oman Fm that it started when President Mahama spent state funds to purchase luxury vehicles for chiefs and pastors at the expense of nurses and teachers salaries.

He lamented President Mahama’s inability to enforce the right institutions to demand for monies belonging to the state which have found their way into wrongful hands and companies, saying this has rendered many state institutions dysfunctional.

He however feared that the next President from his party will find it difficult to run the country effectively for two years if it wins the 2016 elections as the economy has been poorly managed by President Mahama.

“The hardship has reached a point where there are no leftover foods for even cockroaches to feed on…suicide cases will abound in Ghana if NDC wins 2016 elections or let me say that the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ will take place in 2016 if President Mahama wins the elections again…the way they are managing the economy means they lack economic policies or they are blinded by corruption to manage the economy well. From the way the NDC government is running the economy, NPP will suffer for 2 years before the country can be back on its economic track if Nana Addo wins the 2016 elections.

“I will doubt the true belief and teachings of all the various religious bodies in the country should they urge their members to vote again for the ruling NDC government in the face of the current hardship Ghanaians have been subjected to,” he lamented.