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“Sick Ghana needs strong, effective leaders” – Nunoo-Mensah


President Mahama is Ghana sick?

President Mahama is Ghana sick? Are you ineffective?

A former national security advisor, Brigadier-General Joseph Nunoo-Mensah has said “Ghana is sick”, adding that he is frustrated and sad at the fast pace at which the country is deteriorating.

“[I’m] frustrated with the way we are going… I think that we shouldn’t take it out of context, the whole country is actually sick, we are all sick. It just happened to be that one person’s sins come out,” Nunoo-Mensah said.

Nunoo-Mensah told Kafui Dey, host of MORNING STARR on Starr 103.5 FM on Tuesday that Ghana needs strong and effective leaders to properly guide Ghanaians.

“I don’t think we are lazy; I think we lack good, strong, effective leaders.

“Nobody taught me at school, my father was a fisherman; my mother was selling plantain at the market, nobody was educated in my life to teach me,” he pointed out.

“I had to learn it myself, I had to teach my children, no teacher ever taught my children and I worked hard, so I am not saying Ghanaians are lazy, Ghanaians are not properly guided. We are declining as a people,” the former Army Chief said.

Nunoo-Mensah, who worked closely with Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, said students must be made to study in detail the works and legacy of Ghana’s first president in schools.

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