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Audit CHRAJ’s finances – ISODEC


Integrated Social Development Centre (ISODEC) is urging an audit into the financial affairs of the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ).

Intense pressure is mounting on Ms. Lauretta Lamptey to resign following accusations of financial misappropriation and incompetence.

She is reported to have spent thousands of dollars on a rented apartment and hotel bills using the Commission’s limited resources after supposedly ordering an expensive renovation and redesign of her official residence.

She has also been accused of failing to effectively discharge her duties by investigating and prosecuting corrupt public officials who have been implicated in some major corruption scandals reported in recent times.

Although Ms. Lamptey has denied ordering the renovation of her official residence, she admitted renting the expensive apartment at the AU village and sleeping at a hotel after her tenancy expired at the expense of the state.

Responding to some of the criticisms, she explained that the Commission’s failure to investigate major corruption scandals saying 95% of CHRAJ’s mandate is to tackle human rights issues while the remaining 5% is related to corruption.

ISODEC’s Campaign Coordinator, Dr Steve Manteaw, told Citi News that the financial audit will help establish whether or not value for money considerations were made before spending all that money on accommodation.

According to him, Ms Lampety’s continuous stay in office as Commissioner of CHRAJ would be illegal if the accusations made against her are true.

He said: “If what indeed they reported is true, then she has to do the honourable thing by resigning because she has not served as a good example.”

Dr. Manteaw was of the opinion that waging a campaign for her removal is not the solution but “I think what is important at this point is to establish whether or not the allegations as reported in the media are founded and based on the fact.”

Policy think tank IMANI Ghana is also urging all institutions and groups calling for the removal of the CHRAJ Commissioner to collaborate to ensure she is removed from post.

He expressed the hope that “the good conscience of the President and indeed, whoever appointed her, would also be brought to bear on this matter.”

Meanwhile, an NDC group, the United Cadre Front has also joined calls for Ms. Lamptey to resign.

A leading member of the group, Camillus Maalneriba-Tia Sakzeesi stated that she has no moral right to continue staying in office.

He remarked that CHRAJ is a “responsible institution that bothers on anti-corruption and so if you have a whole boss who presides over that entity having allowed this quantum of money to be spent on rent alone; we see it as rather unfortunate.”

“We don’t see the reason why she should be kept there, and if the government will not remove her, she should be that magnanimous enough to resign from her position,” he added.

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