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Ms. Lauretta V. Lamptey (Suspended CHRAG Boss)

Resign to redeem your image – Group tells CHRAJ boss


A group called Progressive Nationalist Forum is advising Lauretta Vivian Lamptey, the Commissioner for the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), to resign from her position to redeem her image.

According to the group, she has been “grossly incompetent when it comes to issues of corruption and human rights.”

Ms Lamptey has been criticized for failing to effectively discharge her duties while spending scarce resources of the Commission on an expensive rented apartment and on hotel bills.

She has also been accused of ordering an expensive renovation and redesign of her official residence which has been ongoing for the past three years.

A financial analyst, Sydney Casely-Hayford has called for her dismissal over her disinterest in the supposed misappropriation of funds by the World Cup Committee and other major corruption scandals which have rocked the nation in recent years.

A former Commissioner of CHRAJ, Justice Emile Short, early on expressed grave concern over the “sinking image” of the Commission.

The Executive Director for the Center for Democratic Development (CDD), Professor Emmanuel Gyimah-Boadi has also disclosed that the Commissioner does not qualify to occupy the CHRAJ position.

Meanwhile, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Nsawam-Adoagyiri, Frank Annoh Dompreh has served notice that he will drag the Commissioner of CHRAJ before Parliament for further investigations into all the allegations leveled against her.

Speaking on Eyewitness News on Wednesday, the spokesperson of the Progressive Nationalist Forum, Richard Nyamah insisted that it will be prudent for the Commissioner to resign from her position.

He accused her of “consistently ridiculing herself and the only way to redeem her image will be to resign.”

According to him, “CHRAJ in terms of public opinion has failed. It no more exists as our number one fighter of corruption and it is her persona that is bringing about that.”

Nyamah also alleged that the Commission under the leadership of Ms Lamptey has not investigated any case of corruption within the last three years.

He said: “Since she took over, there has not been a single case she has investigated. All the issues that has to do with the public expenditure and the waste of our resources has been brought before her and not a single one has been heard.”

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