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Brazil: Committee paid $198,310 for foodstuffs without receipts
Posted by admin on 16th September 2014

Ghana paid $198,310 for foodstuffs from a supermarket in Brazil without collecting receipts during the World Cup festivities last June, the Presidential World Cup Commission heard on Monday.

Along with Fred Darko the World Cup committee coordinator, one Lawrence Acheampong said they personally bought the items but said he had no receipt to cover the payment of the monies.

Lawrence, who did not have any official position in Brazil, told the Commission he was “the eyes, ears and voice” of the former Sports Minister, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah and chaired committee meetings whenever Elvis Ankrah was unable to do so.

The I.T consultant was taking his turn at the Presidential Commission of Inquiry yesterday. The Commission is investigating Ghana’s shambolic participation in Brazil last June.

The two officials bought ingredients totaling $198,310 after five visits to the supermarket

Justice Dzamefe Commission had last week asked a caterer Mrs. Quarshigah of Kenkey Boutique to show receipts for the foodstuffs she received to prepare meals for over 500 supporters in Brazil.

Mrs. Quarshigah had told the commission that although she received the foodstuffs purchased last June, she only got to know how much it cost last week at the Commission hearing when a document showing the cost was shown to her.

She said when she asked the Brazilian supermarket, Redemais, for the receipt, she was told it would be emailed to Larry (Lawrence). This among other things prompted the committee to invite the former minister’s “utility player”, Larry.

Interestingly when Lawrence appeared before the Commission he had no clue how much the food items he bought cost as he failed to give a breakdown of the cost of each item.

Sharing some lessons learnt, he told the commission that “if they [Black Stars] had focused when they went there all this would not have happened”.

His suggestion drew laughter from the three-man commission.