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Artists Alliance to host Wiz Kudowor

In a painter’s studio tucked away in a quiet corner at Dzorwulu in Accra, one of the nation’s best known artists has been busy getting works ready for his upcoming exhibition scheduled for September 18 at the Artists Alliance Gallery.
What’s approaching at the Artists Alliance gallery in Accra is nothing new for Wiz Kudowor. He has over the years, shown his works in places such as United States, Switzerland, Spain, England, Holland, Denmark, Japan, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Nigeria and Malaysia.
He, all the same, is taking the exhibition with a lot of seriousness because it would be a unique occasion for art lovers to see the different styles that have characterised his work over the last two decades.
The 80 works of acrylic on canvas will be displayed on the first floor and the adjoining rooms of the largest purpose-built art gallery in the nation.
“That amount of work is a lot for one exhibition. Some of the canvases are really huge but I’m fine with all the toil that has gone into getting ready for the exhibition,” Wiz states.
According to him, the approach he employs these days is a culmination of the various techniques he has tackled in previous phases.
“I enjoy the process of producing the work and allow others who may be interested to do the thinking and interpretation.”
An aspect of his work that keen followers of his technique may notice is the subtle use of Adinkra symbols.
The artist says all things influence his work, including local history, spirituality and symbols.
“I’m not ashamed to use Adinkra elements in what I do. They are ours. They are powerful. I believe that we should not let them go.”
So as symbols jostle for space and colours clash and harmonise on his canvases, Wiz knows serious art lovers are waiting to see what he has to offer at the month-long exhibition.
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