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Horace Ankrah accuses WC Commission of being judgmental


The chairman of the 2014 World Cup events sub-committee, Horace Nii Ayi Ankrah, has accused the head of the commission probing Ghana’s participation at the tournament of being judgmental.

Ankrah fumbled on Tuesday when he appeared before the three-member commission to answer questions on how monies quoted in Cedis by caterers supposed to cook for supporters enplaned to Brazil strangely turned into Dollars when documents were tendered in as evidence.

Appearing before the commission again on Wednesday, Ankrah engaged in exchanges with the chairman of the commission – Justice Senyo Dzamefe – pointing out that he was unfairly treated during his first appearance.

“My Lords, I don’t think that I was given any fair chance because you were insistent that a 34 [cedis] had been changed to a 35 dollars and then my Lords, you went on to say that ‘I have more questions for you tomorrow; you’ll see’.

“You kept on saying that this is a fact-finding Commission but yesterday, at the tail end of what happened you were judgmental and that is my pain,” a visibly disturbed Ankrah told the commission.

Ankrah went further to tell Justice Dzamefe that it is his attitude to prevent people from properly answering questions when they appear before the commission when he was asked why he could not explain himself better on Tuesday as he did on Wednesday.

Ankrah said, “respectfully, it’s your attitude.”

His statements infuriated Justice Dzamefe, who demanded an apology.

Ankrah quickly withdrew the statements and apologised.

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