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Afriyie Ankrah defends ‘Cedi turns dollar’ saga

Source: citifmonline.com

Former Sports Minister Elvis Afriyie Ankrah has defended how Ghc34 cedis for food for each Ghanaian supporter at the Brazil world cup “miraculously” turned into $35 per head.

On Tuesday, Horace Ankrah, who chaired the Grounds, Events and Logistics Sub-committee revealed at the Justice Dzamafe Commission that amounts agreed with caterers was 34 cedis, but the amounts penciled in official documents was 35 dollars, different from how much was finally accounted for.

Ghana thus may have been cheated of more than $15,000 a day in overpayments to caterers alone during Brazil 2014.

That, multiplied by the two-week period Ghana took part in the World Cup, adds up to more than $215,000.

This angered the commission probing Ghana’s participation at the tournament.

But in an interview on the Citi Breakfast Show on Wednesday, Mr. Afriyie Ankrah explained the change in figures by saying that, “by every stretch of imagination, the ordinary Ghanaian knows that 10 dollars to give you 2 full meal a day is not realistic, is not practical.”

He also dispelled an earlier testimony by Horace Ankrah that the $35.00 was paid to the caterers as service charge per head, but that, the amount covered purchase of ingredients and for preparing breakfast, lunch and supper.

“The basis for which kenkey boutique, whose expertise of course is in Kenkey and Waakye, and that was why we added her because, mind you, most of our supporters would prefer that kind of food and there are others too who would prefer the continental food thought she could buy all the local ingredients from Ghana and carry them so she will virtually carry everything. When the team went and came back, we were told the Brazilian authorities were not going to allow foodstuff in Brazil so immediately that projection she made was short off,” he explained.

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