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The 3rd Anniversary Celebration Of Ghanaian Way, Newark-New Jersey.

GhWayPoster30th August,2014 marks the 3rd Annual celebration date of the street named after Ghana.(Ghanaian Way)I hope and know it’s only in Newark ,New Jersey that have got this far.I stand to be corrected.
On the ” Ghanaian Way ” is the Dream African Market and Restaurant,behind it is the Heritage Distribution International and African Market.This location is the most popular in the Ghanaian and African community.

It’s been a place to socialize and it’s not only Ghanaians that you will find.The place witness people from all African countries(Nigeria,Senegal,Togo,Burkina etc.)

Mayor of Newark, RAS BARAKA who happens to be one of the brain behind the street naming of the Ghanaian Way will be there to grace the occasion and the Ghanaian community will use this opportunity to celebrate his victory as the Mayor of Newark .

In attendance will be Congressmen and women,City of Newark Municipal Council leaders, Kings, Chiefs, Queen Mothers, Prominent African Personalities and the general public.It will also witness Africans from all over USA.

This event is fully packed with surprises so make sure you there on the 30th of August,2014 from 12:00 noon – 9:00pm.Admission is free.

Ghanaian Way Council

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