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Whale watching can generate income for Ghana – EPA
Posted by admin on 27th August 2014

Prof. Ofori Danso, Chairman of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sub-committee on whales, has called on government to introduce whale watching to generate income for the country.

At a recent press briefing in Accra, he said whale watching is an income earner for the Republic of South Africa and other counties worldwide.

Prof. Danso said the geographical location of Ghana and ecological conditions of the ocean make the country the preferred destination for a number of species of whale and dolphins nearly all year round.

The chairman stated that there are more than 79 spices of whales worldwide, noting that 18 species could be found in Ghana’s waters.

The committee recommended reforms in the country’s legislature which deals with marine species.

It further called for regional cooperation, proper monitoring and provision of the research team with stateof- the-art machinery.

The committee’s report also called for the establishment of a specialized unit in charge of whales and dolphins.

Prof Danso disclosed this while delivering a report on the committee’s findings.

He said between 2009 and 2013,the deaths of 24 whales were reported in Ghana.

The Western region recorded the highest number of whale and dolphin deaths.

Prof. Danso also mentioned that the Committee identified a number of reasons for the mortality rate of the cetacean beasts (Whales and dolphins).

He cited ship strikes, collision with vessels, entanglement with fishing gears and nets, ingestion of marine debris, targeted slaughter for whale fins and bones and seismic interference by prospecting agencies.

It is also possible that the whales might have died elsewhere and washed ashore in Ghana, he said.

Source: Daily Guide