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Posted by admin on 21st August 2014

To All Friends of Africa;

News about Ebola has evoked fear and concern globally, but it has not resulted in action. An article written by Tami Hultman entitled “West Africa: Outrage Over Global Ebola Response—Calls for Action” underscores that point.

The response to Ebola is reminiscent of the manner in which people responded to some contagions that threatened to disseminate societies previously. There is often a sense of helplessness, an inability to comprehend the magnitude of a disease, and the lack of knowledge about how best to assist. But history has taught us that immediate and effective action must be taken and that the international community must come together to combat disease in the same manner and with the same force that it combats terrorism—no matter where in the world a threat like Ebola looms large.

There is always hope, hope for immediate treatment and hope for a cure. Together with hope there must be adequate health care services, immunizations, education on how to avoid the disease, and people everywhere who contribute whatever they can in whichever way they deem appropriate.

Last week, during a meeting with the Ambassador of Liberia to the United States, His Excellency Jeremiah C. Sulunteh, I asked him to share ways that we could help the Government of Liberia with the situation it faces and those Liberians who are victims of Ebola. We plan to ask the same of other most-affected governments.

Below follows the letter I received from Ambassador Sulunteh. It contains specific information about where contributions can be sent and contact information for Embassy personnel and other individuals who can be of assistance.

Perhaps this letter will give you a way to contribute, as it has given me.


Bernadette Paolo