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Top 10 Ways to Fight Depression

Minutes pass by, hopes shatter
screaming in pain, the mind goes blank
down under the waves of depression.
Never ever to surface again…

Depression is a terrible state of mind and everyone feels depressed from time to time. It’s like this huge ball of steel that you carry along your side on chains. While some days just rock, there are days when you feel you have nothing left to do in life and feel really worthless. Although the degree of feeling depressed might vary, there is no denying that teenagers get more depressed than adults in life. They feel they have more problems to face and these are much more severe than anything experienced before. Hence, it’s very easy for them to go down that dark lane. It is known that depression takes time to heal. Instead of doing nothing and over-thinking about what could have been and what would be, it’s best to remain in the present and struggle with it. It’s best to do something about it because depression just doesn’t go on its own. Even then, treatments like aromatherapy and acupuncture might not work. Here are ten things that one can try to get out that trap of self-misery and pain:

10. Get plenty of sleep

Get plenty of sleep

Sleeping for six hours or more is absolutely necessary for everyone. And if one doesn’t get that dose of sleep, one loses interest quickly for the rest of the day. Even sleeping for an hour or two in the middle of the day would help a lot. A good nap gives one a good outlook to the remainder of the day. With your mind at ease, it not only removes that worry or the phase of depression from your mind for a few hours, but also gives a positive vibe to the rest of the day.

9. Enjoy the little things in life

Enjoy the little things in life

When depressed, try to look around and see everyone. Realize their life is so much more different from yours and that they too are struggling with some tiny or big problem of theirs. After all, every person you come across is fighting battles of their own. So, go for a walk, notice the birds’ singing. Look at the positive side. Be happy for the fact that life has given you so much so far and that there is so much left in it to experience.

8. Fix your diet

Fix your diet

A good diet is essential to a healthy mind and that’s why good nutrition is very essential. When depressed, one’s health tends to go downhill. What you eat affects your brain, so it is important that one has a healthy, balanced diet that is filled with the needed vitamins, proteins, calcium and carbohydrates. Research indicates that omega-3 fatty acids, which are generally found in fish, can help fight depression with great ease. So, whenever you feel a little low, have a bite of your favourite fish and feel the mood lighten!

7. Go outdoors

Go outdoors

The human body is built to be active. It is not meant to be sitting in a chair 9 hours a day and on the couch for another 2-3 hours. That would make your body lethargic and you will feel nothing but lazy the entire time. Your body needs to do something and what can be better than going outside and getting some Vitamin D, courtesy of the sun. Our skin absorbs the sun and derives nutritional value from it. At the same time, you might even feel more low when you go out, but then there’s two sides to every coin.

6. Exercise


While exercising might be the last thing you feel like doing with your current state of mind, going for a jog or cycling leisurely may actually make you feel better. However, any kind of exercise isn’t beneficial. One must know the right type of exercise to do. When done regularly, 30 minutes or more of vigorous exercise is proven to have improved people’s mood by a large scale. Use the treadmill regularly or go for that nature walk. Either way, its all gonna benefit you.

5. Look on the bright side

Look at the bright side

Look at the bright side

 Depression affects your thoughts severely, making everything hopeless and dismal. Not a single thing in life seems positive. When depression has you noticing only the negative, try your best to think positive thoughts and notice the good things in life. Notice one good thing and then carry on the effort of noticing similar things. Read a book, learn a new hobby or watch a movie- anything that’d turn your attention away from the problem at hand. Redirect your attention to the positive. For instance, trying meditation can alter the way you look at life- your perspective changes for the better.

4. Identify the problem, don’t dwell on it

Identify the problem, don't dwell on it

Identify the problem, don’t dwell on it

 The crucial word for a depressed person is ‘Let go’. All those memories, all that pain will be relieved only when you let go of the thing that hurts you the most. When depressed, try to identify what may have caused it to happen. It may be due to peer pressure, your feelings (or love) or something totally different. Either way, when you find out what exactly it is that’s bothering you, try to talk it out with a caring friend. Once you put out your thoughts to someone, turn your attention to something positive. Take actions to solve those problems and ask for help if you need it. Never shy away from seeking help!

3. Look on the bright side

Look on the bright side

Depressions severely affects a person’s thoughts and makes him lose all hope in life. He or she begins to see no point in living like this and in rare cases, decides to take the extreme step. To prevent all this from ever happening, make an effort to notice the positive in your life! First think of your parents: think how much they love you and at a moment’s blink, they’d be there by your side anytime of the day to help you and guide you. Think of your friends then: how much they care for you and want you to get the best from life. They will never disappoint you. Lastly, think about yourself: you have so much unknown talent in you- all the talent that is going to waste day by day, every day as depression strikes you.

2. Don’t blame yourself

Don't blame yourself

This is the most simple and cheap tip to follow and the most important thing you can do when faced with that black hole called depression. The presence of guilt is something that one needn’t deal with at this stage. It can easily get into the process of recovery and harm you more. Acceptance is the key word here. One firstly needs to accept that so and so has happened to him or her and that no matter what, it can’t be reversed. Only when that is done, can the next step be initiated.

1. Express yourself

Express yourself

 If you feel that people aren’t listening to you or that you are not worth to listen to for some people, ignore them. You don’t need them in your life. Search for your near and dear ones to whom you can express yourself. While going to a therapist or counselor may not work wonders for you, it might be better if one goes and talks with a near and dear friend. Someone who has been with you along the lanes of life has more chance of understanding you than someone who is paid by the hour and just wants the proper results. If there is no one else, pouring your heart out onto a journal may also work wonders, besides improving your writing skills. But expressing yourself doesn’t necessarily mean that. It also refers to engaging in activities such as painting, sewing, writing or doodling- anything that exercises your imagination and keeps you busy from over-thinking again.