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Nurses and Midwifery trainees to demonstrate June ending

Nursing and Midwifery Trainees in Ghana are threatening to demonstrate over delays in the payment of their allowances. 

The trainees are hopeful the demonstration scheduled for the end of June would compel government to pay their allowances which have been in arrears for two years now.

Chairman for the West Africa Nurses Students Association, Jefferson Asare Dankwah tells XYZ News, several attempts to get government to address their concerns have not yielded results.

He said “Government has accumulated our allowances for the past two years of being in school and after bonding which you are going to work for five solid years in Ghana without traveling outside (Abroad) to work. And the part in which the government is to play is to give you an allowance to assist with your education.”

Mr. Dankwah said the government has failed to pay this allowance to the trainees.

He is hoping the protest at the end of June will draw attention to the plights of these trainees.