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Apologetic Khamil regrets filmed sexual encounters with Tamale women

Source: Ghana||Nathan Gadugah

The Apology Letter

The man at the centre of the leaked sex videos and pictures with multiple women in Tamale has apologised profusely for the embarrassment the videos and the pictures may have caused.

In a statement, the man named only as Khamil said: “I admit it was wrong and inappropriate to take such explicit pictures and videos in the first place. It’s a lesson I have had to learn in a hard and disgraceful way.”

He later told Joy News’ Evans Mensah he regrets the entire episode saying he did not mean to embarrass the women, his family and the families of the women involved.

Pictures and videos of Khamil and multiple women in various sexual positions were leaked last week causing a lot of furore in the region known to be very conservative.

The women were alleged to have fled the region for fear of being overly lampooned. Some of the women were reported to have had residents breaking into their homes and offices just to take a glimpse and taunt them.

Khamil, who is based in Canada, told Joy News he did not line the women up to ‘bang’ them as suggested. Rather he dated each one of them in a period of seven years. It was during these seven years that the pictures and videos were taken.

He added that the videos and pictures were taken with the consent of the women involved.

Asked why he chose to film his sexual encounters, Khamil said, those videos and nude pictures were, like the ordinary pictures, were a store of memory for him and not for any other person.

“Not even my close friends saw any of these pictures,” he stated

According to him, the videos were on his hard drive which got missing only recently. He suspected the videos were leaked by the person who had access to the drive.

He said some of the ladies were close to his family and could not have deliberately caused them this embarrassment.

Khamil’s family has been under threat from families of some of the women who feel embarrassed by the incident.

But Khamel said while he understands the anger and frustration of the women, they should not threaten his family for something he has done as an adult . “That will be going way too far” he added.

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