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The immediate past Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana Reverend Professor Emmanuel Martey..stoked controversy with his bribery allegation.

“Mahama appointees are inexperienced school boys”


The Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Right Reverend Professor Emmanuel Martey has chastised the President for appointing “school boys” into his government.

“As we see today, school boys are preferred to experienced politicians,” he stated.

He said there are not enough experienced hands to help the President effectively run the affairs of the country; hence, the prevailing difficulties being experienced by Ghanaians.

Political commentators, some Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and some opposition political parties have complained about the caliber of persons being appointed to serve in the Mahama-led administration.

According to Prof. Martey, inexperienced people have been employed in government for the sole purpose of victimizing political opponents.

He explained that victimization can take place “within the same party where factions that win the primaries will persecute the losers and their supporters. This is what I call intra-party victimization.”

Speaking at a consultative forum organized by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) to propose reforms to the ‘Winner Takes All’ governance system which breeds political exclusion, Prof. Martey suggested that victimization of political opponents will cease if Ghana scraps the ‘Winner Takes All’ politics.

He therefore advised that the ongoing constitutional reforms being undertaken by the Constitutional Review Implementation Committee (CRIC) should consider removing the ‘Winner Takes All’ article in the 1992 constitution to sanitize the political scene in Ghana.