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‘Incompetent, clueless Mahama destroying Ghana’


A flagbearer aspirant of Ghana’s biggest opposition party has accused his country’s president of incompetence and cluelessness.

Launching his flagbearership bid campaign on Tuesday in a suburb of the national capital, Nana Akufo-Addo told a crowd of supporters that: “In our quest to wrest power from the incompetent hands of John Mahama, our party, over the last 7 months, has held elections from polling station, constituency, regional, right up to the national level, and in the process elected some 140,000 executives and officers to steer the affairs of the party for the next four years.”

He said: “At the heart of the crisis Ghana is facing is a crisis of confidence in leadership.”

To him, “The people have lost confidence in President Mahama and the NDC’s ability to govern: This is clearly evident in the unprecedented nationwide demonstrations that have rocked this country,” he said, noting that: “It is this same loss of confidence in the leadership that led to the disgraceful spectacle of Ghana flying money halfway across the world to pay a mutinous national team.”

In Akufo-Addo’s view, the New Patriotic Party has to “focus on the havoc” the two-year-old Mahama government is “wreaking on the populace on a daily basis.”

According to him, “There can be no better Ghana with the current clueless and uncaring leadership,” but mentioned nonetheless that: “The crisis facing our country can be cured.”

“But it can only be cured by a competent and dynamic team with a programme for determined implementation under the decisive leadership of a person with a clear vision of Ghana’s future,” the former foreign affairs minister said.