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Obama’s Africa summit to offer opportunity for business leaders from Ghana

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Business leaders from Ghana would have an opportunity to engage their counterparts in US as well their policy makers at the US Africa leaders Summit.

The meeting would officially open in Washington on August 4 to 6 this year.

There would be the Africa Business Forum which would focus on strengthening trade and financial ties between US businesses and their African partners.

The U.S.-Africa Business Forum will intensify efforts to strengthen trade and financial ties between the United States and Africa and seek to create partnerships that will promote trade, accelerate job growth, and encourage investment.

The Forum will focus on U.S. private sector engagement in Africa in the areas of finance and capital investment; infrastructure; power and energy; agriculture; consumer goods; and information and communication technology.

Meanwhile the meeting would also assemble all African leaders including President John Mahama.

The meetings would offer these leaders an opportunity to meet with President Obama, his Cabinet members, and other key leaders, including business executives from the U.S. and members of Congress.

African leaders will engage with business executives from both sides of the Atlantic to engage in conversations about successes and solutions to increase trade with and invest in Africa.

President Obama will participate in the conversation with CEOs and government leaders from the United States and Africa.

The US Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker has told the Wall Street Journal that deals worth billions of dollars would be reached at the meeting, adding that more money would be advanced to Africa for various development projects.

The summit, which is on the theme: “Investing in the Next Generation”, will hold in three phases.

The first will focus on “Investing in the Next Generation, Investing in the Future” while the second will be on “Peace and Security”.

The third phase will focus on democracy and governance, looking at how to invest in the future in Africa.

In addition, First Lady Michelle Obama, in partnership with former First Lady Laura Bush and the Bush Institute, will host a day-long spouses’ symposium at the Kennedy Center focused on the impact of investments in education, health, and public-private partnerships.