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Barcelona posts €41 million profit and record income of €530 million
Posted by admin on 29th July 2014

Source: marca
Barcelona have posted a post-tax profit of €41 million, as well as the highest income in their history, totalling €530 million, the vice-president for finance Javier Faus has announced.

Over the past four years, Barcelona have accrued €113 million in profits and reduced their net debt of €431 million in 2010 by €143 million, down to the figure of €287 million at which it currently stands.

The negative equity of €62 million which existed in 2010 is now positive at €50 million. The club has moved up from 24th place on Forbes’ 2010 list of the most valuable clubs to 2nd place in the present day.

The €41 million surplus registered in the 2013/14 season means that Barcelona have accumulated a net profit of €113 million over the past four financial years.

The Catalan club, which today presented its balance sheet for 2013/14, registered its third consecutive year without recording a loss and increased on the net profit of €32 million generated in the 2012/13 season by 21 percent.

The last year that the club registered a loss was in 2010/11, to the tune of €9 million.