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TUC strike; bluff or reality? – Sydney Casely Hayford
Posted by admin on 24th July 2014|Annie Delali

Financial Analyst, Sydney Casely Hayford has expressed doubts concerning the decision of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) of Ghana to go on strike. The congress which has been active in making suggestions and serving as a watchdog on government to protect the interest of the ordinary worker in the face of government policy decisions like tariff adjustments made this decision after the recent increase in fuel prices.

Speaking at a Press Conference on, Friday, the 18th of July, the General Secretary of the group, Kofi Asamoah listed the depreciation of the cedi, increase in utility bills and taxes among others as the reasons for their protest and called on all public workers including the Press to desist from going to work on the said date. 

Although Sydney welcomes TUC’s impending strike this Thursday, he said on Citi FM’s, ‘The Big Issues’ that he hopes the TUC has the spine to go ahead with their intended strike since previous threats to go on strike were called off.

He said,“I hope the TUC has the spine to go ahead with this strike so that the government can feel that there’s true disappointment and anger going on out there. There have been previous attempts by the TUC to embark on this strike, but it was called off.”
Come this Thursday, TUC plans to mobilize its members at various vantage points to demonstrate against what they’ve described as economic hardship in the country.