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Demo will worsen your plight – Organised Labour told

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scare tactics….

Organised Labour has been told its intended demonstration-cum-strike action on Thursday, July 24 could aggravate what its members are setting out to demand.

Organised Labour is not relenting in a decision to protest what it describes as “worsening” working conditions and government’s “insensitivity” to member’s plight as a result of hikes in utility tariffs and transport fares.

But Dean of Studies at the Institute of Local Government Studies, Dr. Eric Oduro Osae, says: “The demonstration will have a negative effect on productivity, and it is likely to deepen the woes of workers.”

Organised Labour has threatened to defy police orders to embark on the protest march.

The police complain its staff strength cannot meet the magnitude of the demonstration, suggesting to Organised Labour to embark on the action on regional basis.

“The security implications are very important,” Dr. Osae remarked, adding that the country cannot afford to lose revenue after the demonstration and have a worse security situation in its wake.

He said investors will be driven away as a result of the numerous industrial actions in the country, a situation he says will affect Organised Labour too.

Government Statistician Dr. Philomena Nyarko has, meanwhile, stressed that Thursday’s demonstration will have an adverse effect on Gross National Product and Gross Domestic Product.

She said even an hour of no productivity affects the economic prospects of the country.