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Shortsightedness, Ghana’s bane – Otabil
Posted by admin on 21st July 2014


The shortsightedness of many Ghanaians is a major problem for the country, Head pastor of the International Central Gospel Church, Dr Mensa Otabil says.

In Pastor Otabil’s view, that subculture makes most Ghanaians unable to plan beyond their current circumstances.

In a televised sermon on Sunday July 20, 2014, monitored by, the ICGC Founder and General Overseer said, “If Ghanaians were given the chance–I think the average Ghanaian–to decide what to do with the oil money; invest it for the future or spend it now, most people will say now.”

He observed that the average Ghanaian fails to make provisions for generations ahead.

“We can’t think of the future: We can’t think of generations ahead; that is not the spirit of sowing,” he noted.

Speaking on the theme, Spiritual Protocol, the motivational speaker urged Christians to be prepared to sacrifice in order to receive the blessings of God. “Behind every success story is a history of sacrifice,” he stated.

In January 2014, Dr Otabil, in a New Year message, urged Ghanaians to be able to develop a 20-year development plan for their future. He said Christians cannot expect to prosper when they fail to make the necessary investment in their lives.