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Ghanaians Are the Cause of the Country’s Problems

It is an unfortunate situation we have in our dear country! Some of the citizens are stack ignorant! There are a few citizens who understand these issues while others in their bid to protect their friends and families in Government makes mockery of their level of education and comprehension ! In their ignorance they display the same characteristics of a schizophrenic, unfortunately. They have no clue as to how the various branches of government or the institutions of governance works. Can you blame them? After many years of substandard education and brainwashing,they obviously see things differently, the Ghana way! We at however do not support the blanket accusation by the writer!


Source : Chris-Vincent A. Febiri/ Owusu Agyeman | New York-USA
Lazy Folks with Bad Working Ethics, Greedy Citizens with Low Self Esteem, Unproductive People Who Cannot Think Critically & MORE

Hello Chris-Vincent,

I read your recent article titled “Ghana is FOR SALE, Who Wants to Buy? | The Chinese, the Koreans or the Americans?” with extreme joy and to be frank, I love the way you were straight with things. Indeed, Ghana is being and has always been ran by people with little or no clue about governance, with no sense of direction and no strong plans for the country despite their many high education titles.

However, even if we sell Ghana to the Chinese, the Americans or the South Koreans as you suggested and bring their leaders here to take charge of affairs; nothing will change because the problems of Ghana are mainly due to the over 22 million citizens and not the few people in power.

Sorry to say, Ghanaians by default are lazy and stupid and as the years go by, they’ve become even more stupid, ignorant and lazy. Ghanaians do not think and they operate as if they have no ability to think. They will rather let some supreme being in heaven do the thinking for them while they pray that things around them be fixed by divine intervention.

Ghana is one hell of a big JOKE and the comedians are the citizens who have no working ethics, resulting in poor productivity which strengthens the chain of poverty.

Look, let me tell you and those who may read this the truth, Ghana will not get any better unless the people begin to behave and think like human beings by starting to use their thinking faculties and borrow the hard working ethics of others. And while at it, they should let go their low self-esteem which controls their desire to be others, admire the food and lifestyle of others without any respect for who they themselves are and what they have.

Once again, let me say that Ghana is a joke and if there is indeed HELL, Ghanaians are already living in hell and are being punished for being so stupid, greedy and lazy.

A Ghanaian does not want to sweat and work hard, but he wants to live like a Queen or a King and they believe their God will do this for them. Instead of working two jobs to improve their condition, they will rather attend church services twice a day to increase the prospects of their prayers being heard. What a bunch of idiots put together in a country called Ghana.

Where in this world will you have so many people as foolish as Ghana, believing in superstition and all manner of nonsense—literally, refusing to critically think and make good use of their brains? It is as if the Ghanaian brain has been injected with ‘stupidity’.

The Educational system in Ghana in itself is pretty useless, all students do is chew and pour, studying stupid subjects like Swahili with no job prospects and when they come out, they blame the economy. What the heck is really wrong with us as people?

Did you not see how sane Ghanaians were fighting over second hand clothes of white men in that BBC documentary with some even saying; they prefer such clothes to the Ghanaian one even if they can afford the latter? We are just useless in thinking, in walking, in running and in making anything better for ourselves.

The leaders of Ghana are Ghanaians so what do you expect? Just like the people, the leaders have the same mind, attitude, work ethics and low thinking speed.

Tell the Ghanaian the truth and he will turn around to insult you. Present a Ghanaian the evidence or the fact and he will opt for superstition and disconnected beliefs.

Offer the Ghanaian a reliable route to change and he will opt for miracles by waiting on God to answer his or her prayers. For Christ sake, there are billions of people in this world praying to God, so why will any sensible person think he or she is so special that his or her prayer will be answered first or immediately?

God has given us brains but we have refused to use that brain, still waiting on God to do the thinking and fix everything for us. So God has come to a realization that we are stupid and he will not even bother with us.

Sometimes, I settle for the assumption that, Ghanaians are doomed. What else will explain our gross stupidity and ethics?

Go and see the Ghanaian gutters and the environment, who makes all those rubbish and puts them in the gutters? We all know it is not the government, rather the people. And when mosquitoes breed and begin to kill them through Malaria, they start blaming the Government, forgetting that they are caused of their own deaths.

While others are thinking forward with a rocket speed, Ghanaians are thinking backwards with a snail speed. We do not think logically and examine things logically to find solutions to our problems; we wait for help from heaven or from foreigners. Why must we always be rescued by others and not by ourselves?

Ghanaians are just losers who love to blame others for their own-caused problems. They will blame everybody but not themselves…

From: Owusu Agyeman | New York-USA