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Germany earn $35m for winning World Cup


Germany defeated Argentina in extra time of the final of the World Cup, not only did they get to hoist an 18-carat trophy, but they also hauled off a cool $35 million.

It’s fitting that the largest prize in World Cup history was distributed in the most expensive World Cup in history. Spain, winner of the 2010 World Cup, received $30 million.

That money is the only thing Germany get to keep (except for bragging rights) since the expensive trophy stays with FIFA and teams are given a cheaper replica.

Argentina received $25 million as the runner-up, which is up from $24 million in 2010. The Netherlands earned $20 million for finishing third and Brazil earned $18 million for fourth place.

Here’s a look at the prize money distribution for the 2014 FIFA World Cup:
Group Stage (16 eliminated teams): $8 million each Round of 16 (eight losers): $9 million each
Quarterfinals (four losers): $14 million each
Fourth place: $18 million
Third place:: $20 million
Runner-up: $24 million
Winner: $35 million