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Court throws out Labour Commission; declares POTAG strike legal
Posted by admin on 15th July 2014

Source: Ghana||Nathan Gadugah

An Accra High Court has dismissed a case brought before it by the Labour Commission challenging the legality of the strike declared by Polytechnic teachers.

The court insists the strike by the lecturers was legal and ordered a compulsory arbitration to resolve the impasse.

Polytechnic teachers across the country declared a strike to protest the non-payment of their book and research allowances.

The strike led to the closure of Polytechnics in the country after the mandatory 21 days period elapsed.

Per the Polytechnic Act, a school will be closed after 21 days of continuous strike by lecturers or students.

The lecturers have been out of the classroom for over a month disrupting the academic calendar and consequently leading to the closure of the Polytechnics.

The Ministry of Education as well as the Labour Commission described the strike as illegal and ordered the lecturers to return to the classroom, an order the lecturers defied.

The Labour Commission hauled the Polytechnic lecturers before court describing their strike as illegal.

But the court dismissed the Commission’s case.

Joy News’ Fred Smith reported the court as saying the strike was legal because the lecturers followed due process to have their concerns resolved but to no avail.

They therefore turned to the last resort – strike.

The court has however ordered compulsory arbitration between the striking lecturers and the Labour Commission.

But the lecturers would have to call off their strike before the compulsory arbitration is held just in line with regulations of the Labour Commission.