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What To Expect In New Facebook Features – Privacy Issues Resolved


It is just easier to sign on to a new app using facebook account as it is just a click away right? However, you should be wary of your personal data and information access given to just any and every website via facebook.

Facebook has made a fantastic upgrade to its user accounts privacy to give you more control over what info to share with an app and what not to share. Now every time you log on to a new app via facebook, carefully tick the information options you wouldn’t mind sharing. The expected facebook new privacy feature allows you to decide and control how much data you give away. Here are some of the issues already addressed.

I want to use an app, but I don’t want to share information

The soon to roll out facebook feature allows you to test drive apps. It is called Anonymous Login, and it allows you to sign in to an app without revealing personal data.

I don’t like apps posting on my timeline

Good news. Apps will no longer be able to post on your timeline without your consent. Even if you allow the app to post on your behalf, you can decide who sees the post- be it public, friends, or totally private.

I want to get rid of old apps permission I am no longer interested in

It is time for serious cleaning. the chances are high that a lot of apps you no longer use still have your permission. Simply visit the newly-designed App Control Panel to see the list of apps you use by clicking “Settings” and then “Apps”. Now you can manage what apps you give permission and also remove the non- functional ones.

I want to stop getting these annoying app invites from friends, how do I do that?

You almost always receive those annoying Facebook game invites from a friend, you can stop them. Click on “Settings” and then “Blocking.” Now you can update your settings to block notifications from specific friends or from certain apps, whichever you choose. [On Facebook, go to Settings > Blocking]