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Afriyie-Ankrah, Yamin retention: NDC old guards angry at Mahama

Source: The Informer

As anger continues to brew in the hearts of Ghanaians over Ghana’s “Brazil Football Disaster,” lots of NDC stalwarts and Old Guards are highly displeased over the retention of Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah and his deputy Joseph Yamin, as Ministers of State.

The anger of NDC Old Guards is rooted in the unacceptable manner in which the current NDC administration is speedily destroying the image of the Party.

At a closed-door meeting on Republic Day, July 01, 2014, the NDC Old Guards did not hide their frustrations at the manner in which the government is sliding into a ditch; though they want to remain unnamed.

According to them, “there are too many unacceptable things going on in government which, if not stopped, will destroy the Government and Party”.

“I honestly cannot understand why Elvis and Yamin are still on the payroll of the State after the mess they have caused,” an Old Guard said.

“This is not the NDC that we labour tirelessly to build. The conduct of Elvis and Yamin are very reprehensible, and there is no way they should be left in government. There is no way Presidents Rawlings and or Atta-Mills would have allowed Elvis and Yamin to still be Ministers of State,” the Old Guard added.

They said many of the young appointees have lost touch with the ethos of the NDC; hence the arrogant and greedy manner they misconduct themselves.

“This is not what we envisaged the NDC will become and we are very disappointed in what is happening to our great Party. A lot of the young appointees do not know how we struggled to build this Party and so they don’t seem bothered that they are destroying the Party that people have toiled and died to build,” another Old Guard said.

“President Atta Mills must be turning in his grave by now because it is looking like all the hard work he did is being destroyed at such a fast rate”.

From the interaction with the Old Guards, as well as a number of NDC followers, it is as clear as daylight that they are not happy about the disgrace that Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah and Yamin have brought upon the government and Party; and would wish that the President be bold enough to get rid of both Elvis and Yamin, instead of keeping them in government.