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Gov’t procures loan to fund free sanitary pads for school girls!


Really? We at are shocked and disappointed that President Mahama would seek to spend the tax payers money in this frivolous manner. It appears the government has lost its bearings and thinking , considering the many important issues begging to be addressed urgently.

2014 :Classes being held under trees  in Ghana! Do they need sanitary pads or classrooms!

2014 :Classes being held under trees in Ghana one three old text books to go round in the V/R! Do they need sanitary pads or classrooms and school supplies?

Parliament has approved a 156 million dollar World Bank facility to support construction of Senior High Schools in the country and out of the money an amount of 15 million dollars will go into scholarship for over ten thousand students to pursue senior high education.

Part of that amount would also be used to buy sanitary pads and distribute it free of charge to school girls.

The policy is in fulfillment of an NDC campaign promise, Minister of Education, Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang stated.

She said the issue must be treated with the urgency it deserved.

She added that the decision to supply sanitary pads to some less privileged students under a scholarship scheme in the Ghana Secondary School improvement programme is aimed at encouraging them to stay in school.

“The girls seem to be in school up to about class three and four and they begin to drop [out]. A lot of theories have been expounded as to why this is happening. So the issue of girl’s sanitation is not a laughing matter. It’s a very serious issue,” she explained.

She admonished all to support the policy and “handle it with the sensitivity that is required.”

Graduate unemployment is rising, workers’ take home salaries fail to take them home, government appointees keep filling their personal accounts with funds from our coffers, high standard of living, Cedi performing soo poorly at the exchange market and continue to fall like Victoria falls, high taxes, high import duties , yet still the government complain of no money, serious fuel shortages, increase in utility charges yet we fail to get value for money, garbage all over the capital and major cities, and all we can think off is going for a loan to buy sanitary pads for girls. Soooo pathetic….. My Heart bleeds for Ghana. God, please save us from this wicked president and his team of nation wreckers….. You will never know happiness when you get rich at the expense of making people’s lives miserable. M’aka a m’aka…Comment on Mahama’s FB wall by Stephen Nana Kwame Kersi

But the Minority spokesperson on education, Professor Dominic Fobih and the MP for Weija Gbawe Rosemary Abrah Comfort are questioning the allocation for the sanitary pad.

“I still feel strongly that taking loans to buy sanitary pads, rulers, pens and pencils is out of place.

“Why can’t we use our own budget to buy such a thing?” Fobih suggested.

“A lot of items in this that people will not take us serious. Going to borrow money and look at what we are going to use the money for. Sanitary pads? We must be serious,” Rosemary Abrah Comfort chided.