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Why do you need alcohol to eat well? – Otabil wonders
Posted by admin on 30th May 2014


Our research shows that: Alcohol’s link with health is a bit Dr. Jekyll and a bit Mr. Hyde. Exactly which face it shows depends largely on who’s drinking and how much and we may reluctantly ask what kind of alcohol one is drinking. For most moderate drinkers, alcohol has overall health benefits. While moderate drinking can increase the risk of colon and breast cancer, these risks are trumped by the boost in cardiovascular health—especially in middle age, when heart disease begins to account for an increasingly large share of disease and deaths.

Head pastor of the International Central Gospel Church International, Mensa Otabil, has taken on Ghana’s alcohol industry for recommending alcohol as the remedy for poor appetite.

He wondered the rationale behind alcoholic adverts purporting to help people struggling to eat well.

“Somebody can’t eat and he is told if he takes in a particular type of alcohol he can eat…No study in the world has determined alcohol is good especially the ones in Ghana”, Otabil told a Christian audience at Christ Temple Abossey-Okai.

He said he had noticed that every second commercial played on T.V was about alcoholic beverages.

A survey conducted by Ghana Organization on Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (GOFAS), an NGO, estimated that the per capita consumption of alcohol is 1.5 litres – about 7 million gallons of alcohol consumed annually.

Statistics that informed a one-time Deputy Health Minister, Rojo Mettle-Nunoo’s assertion, excessive alcoholism is becoming a national problem and requires an urgent legislation to control the situation.

Otabil offered people struggling to eat can exercise which will help burn out fat and trigger appetite.

He said the blitz of adverts promoting alcohol consumption will haunt the nation 20 years from now after it has done its danger of creating “mental picture in the minds of the nation”.