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Chicago: 10 Children Hospitalized After Waitress Serves Alcohol

Source: jobs.aol.com / By Mack Gelbe

In what’s sure to be the day’s most vomit-tastic story, ten children have been hospitalized after a waitress at a Chicago pizzeria accidentally served them alcohol.

The kids were at the Home Run Inn pizza restaurant in the Little Village neighborhood for a birthday party when someone mentioned that the fruit punch tasted a little unusual.

Servers rushed over to remove the drink after a concerned parent tried the beverage and confirmed that it contained alcohol.

“The drinks tasted funny to begin with. But we didn’t really pay attention,” Neyante Eggleston, the mother of a six-year-old boy who attended the party, told NBC. “We just thought it was us, but they just came and just swooped all the cups up. So we were like, ‘Okay, what’s going on?'”

Police sources told the Chicago Tribune that the table’s waitress had just served a round of juice before bringing over another drink that she didn’t realize contained alcohol. Eggleston added that their server was crying after the mishap, and apologized for what had happened.

“Everybody makes mistakes,” she said. “But why would you just come and snatch the cups up and not say anything to the parents of these kids you just served alcohol to? That’s just bogus.”

A few of the children were allegedly sick with stomach pains and vomiting, although it’s unclear whether all ten of the children rushed to the hospital consumed alcohol, or whether they were only taken there as a precaution.

The kids were described by WGN-TV as being in “fair-to-good condition.” Still, something tells us this is one waitress who isn’t going to be receiving any exorbitant tips in her future.