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$80 million gold scandal; two top public officials arrested

Information gathered by XYZ News indicates that two top Public Servants have been arrested in connection with the $80 million Turkey gold saga.

The two were picked up by the operatives of the National Security on Wednesday afternoon.

XYZ News sources say the two are Deputy Director of the Geological Service Department Dr. Thomas Adu and Justice Adom Akwah Senior Technical Officer also of the Geological Service Department.

The Ghanaian government was reported to be behind the 1.5 tons of Gold heading to the Islamic Republic of Iran, a country with strict international trade restrictions, but was seized in Turkey.

Immediately after the story broke, President John Mahama ordered investigations into the 80 million dollar scandal adding that anybody implicated would be dealt with.

The office of the President however debunked reports that sought to suggest that the Gold was heading to Iran to offset some financial commitments to that country.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the transaction was purely private with no official government involvement.

In an earlier statement by the Information Minister last week, Two Ghanaians – Peter Bedzrah and Fredrick Kojo Essumang, operating under the corporate identity of Omanye Gold Mining Ltd from a house at Tanta Hill in Achimota without visible signs of a corporate entity, were mentioned to be involved in a transaction to supply gold to one Vahid Moradi Moghaddam in Iran.

But according to XYZ News sources the two arrested on Wednesday are to assist the security agencies in ongoing investigations into the matter.

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