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Rebecca Ekpe on Nana Addo’s intentions and his political career.

Rebecca Ekpe

Rebecca Ekpe

To run or not to run? The debate rages on ,as Nana Addo , flagbearer on the ticket of the NPP in last general elections will tomorrow put this matter to rest. For how, speculations are that, the twice defeated presidential candidate will embark on a round three attempt to be voted for as president of Ghana. Nana Akuffo Addo left Ghana last year for the UK, announcing a momentary retirement from politics.

He returns on the eve of Ghana’s 57th Independence Anniversary which some political pundits say , is an indication that Nana Addo is likely to contest the 2016 Presidential elections, which is about 2 years and 9 months away. The feeling among his own party is a mixed one. Reports say in his absence some campaigned for him to return to lead the NPP to victory in 2016, while others contend the political tenure for the nearly 70 year old Nana Addo is over. Over or not, the reality would be known by all as Nana Akuffo Addo prepares to officially declare his political future. There is a lot that is right about Ghana and about us, as Ghanaians, declares Nana Addo.

He says we are enjoying the longest period of stability since 1957. And we can build a United Ghana even in a fiercely competitive democratic environment. These are excepts of one of Nana Addo’s recent speeches in the UK posted in his Facebook page. From this, one could possibly deduce that the man who describes himself as having devoted his life to the pursuit of democracy in Ghana may announce his candidacy for the 2016 elections.

Again, political pundicts are predicting that whether veteran politician,Nana Akkufo Addo contests the next presidency or not,his participation will not affect the outcome of the general elections, come 2016,Neither will his commitment to democracy, rule of law and stronger institution wane.