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Owner of collapsed six storey building arrested

The owner of the six storey building  which collapsed at Nii Boi town has been arrested.  Mr. S.K Omari, owner of the Grandview hotel was declared wanted shortly after his uncompleted six storey building collapsed killing one person and injuring another.
The incident has also left more than 10 people displaced.  According to the PRO of the AMA, Mr. Omari was arrested today/yesterday together with three building inspectors from the Okaikoi north Sub-metro of the A.M.A.  According to an AMA investigation report, Mr. Omari does not have title to the land and was also found liable for not obtaining development and building permits. He again failed to stop construction works when he was served with three “stop work” notices by the AMA. The AMA has also ordered the Grandview hotel which is on the same compound where the building collapsed to shut down with immediate effect to make way for a structural assessment. Meanwhile, the three building inspectors have been arrested for negligence by not following the proper procedure in their monitoring activities. they have also been interdicted for six months without pay