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Ban construction of fish pond on lake Bosomtwe
Posted by admin on 14th March 2014

A consultative stakeholder meeting on sustainable management of resources of Lake Bosomtwe in Ashanti has advocated for a total ban on construction of any form of fish pond on the lake so as to reserve it for posterity. Members of the meeting, some of whom came from the Bosomtwe and Bosome Freho District Assemblies and Community Resource Management in the area, also adopted new bye-laws to ensure efficient and sustainable management of Lake Bosomtwe and all resources in its catchment area.

The meeting was part of efforts to protect and preserve the lake, the largest natural lake in Africa, for posterity. Key participants at the meeting included chiefs, queen mothers, Assembly Members, NADMO and NGOs. The Bye-laws, adopted at a forum at Kuntenase, are to be forwarded to the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development for approval before implementation. The forum, organized by the Environmental Protection Agency, was sponsored by UNESCO and Bioshere Programme and led by Madam Beatrice Owusu Kwarteng and Eric Anarfi, both Development Planning Officers from the two Assemblies.

Among the laws are that, no person shall be allowed to fish with nets whose size is below 50 millimeters or catch juvenile fish for the purpose other than research, undertake agricultural farming of any kind or use plastic in conjunction with fish traps. The bye-laws make it an offence for anybody to wash clothes or cooking utensils or bath with soap in the lake as it has the potential of killing the aquatic life in the lake. The meeting further proposed to ban hunting, capture of any type of animal within the core zone of the lake by use of chemicals, or any artificial light. What was very significant was the ban on anyone to undertake any mineral prospecting or illegal mining popularly called galamsey.

Areas such as Brodekwano and Beposo which are very close to the lake have been and continue to degrade by galamsey operators. The meeting pledged to lead a crusade to educate inhabitants dotted around the lake about negative effects of environmental degradation on the lake. The Bosomtwe District Assembly has mounted a serious campaign against these miners by arresting such suspects for prosecution.