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Posted by admin on 5th March 2014

The first prosecution witness in the trial of the former National Coordinator of the NYEP Abuga Pele and the CEO of Goodwill International, Philip Assibit continued with his evidence at the Financial Court in Accra today.

The witness Nuhu Hamidan maintained his previous position that he was not aware of a sixty-five million dollar World Bank support for the NYEP as announced by then Vice President Mahama and other Ministers of State and also reported in the media. Alhaji Hamidan is a former Deputy Coordinator of Operations and also a Director of Administration of the then NYEP. A defence counsel Raymond Bagnabu tried to establish that Mr. Assibit was indeed a consultant to the NYEP but this was denied by the witness who claims that he did not know the capacity of Mr. Assibit even though his company was engaged in activities of the NYEP.

Mr. Hamidan said the MOU signed between the NYEP on one hand, Goodwill and West Cap on the other was not implemented because West Cap`s engagement to provide funding for the NYEP was terminated. Under the MOU, Goodwill was to be a strategic partner. The witness however admitted that he was aware that Mr. Assibit appointed some officials of Goodwill to provide Consultancy services to the NYEP. Mr. Bagnabu then put it to the witness, that then indeed Mr. Assibit was a consultant to the NYEP. Mr. Hamidan had earlier indicated that the World Bank advised the NYEP to stop engaging Goodwill International since it’s services were not needed.