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Mahama’s Team C have nothing to offer – AFAG
Posted by admin on 11th February 2014


The Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) has in a statement described the Mahama-led administration as a “crassly incompetent and bereft government”.

They also called on Ghanaians to stand up and “seek our hope and fight for our right” due to the mismanagement of the economy by the NDC government.

According to the group, Ghanaians are “confronted with the greatest challenge of all times,” adding that, “the President and his team C men have nothing worthy to offer”.

Below is the full statement

Fellow Country Men, we are confronted with the greatest challenge of all times; the reign of a crassly incompetent and bereft government. It is obvious the President and his team C men have nothing worthy to offer.

The youth employment program has been collapsed by share greed of a few NDC men, a state treasured asset “Merchant Bank” been sold out to the NDC and members of the President’s family, Woyome’s money not been retrieved (and likely for the state to lose the case because the default judgment has not been contested or set aside by the AG), Waterville’s 22 million euro retrieval in limbo.

NHIS not paid providers for over 7 months, over 1.3 billion Ghana cedis not been accounted for in 2012 due ghost excess spending by MDAs, over a whopping $70million misapplied at GYEEDA, massive revenue leakage at the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), the John Mahama led “baloney” $10 billion STX deal which saw Ghana paying $245 million to Korean partners as “political risk insurance”. Ghana lost such amount of money in what looked like a well orchestrated scandal.

Fellow Ghanaians, it is still very magical how an Umbraer jet which was meant to cost $28.5 million after John Mahama’s led negotiations was purchased at an astonishing sum of $88million(The configuration of the airplane included an extra fuel tank costing $8 million; air staircase costing $1 million and in-flight entertainment of $1.4 million.

It is however ridiculous to think that $17million was earmarked to build a hangar to house the airplane. Mr. President ‘the plane dey be keke’). In the midst of all this huge scandals and vicious examples set by the president and his allies, why will they not be looking forward to acquiring a state bank for safe keeping of our looted treasury?


AFAG in its research, can confirm that the “African Sun” hotel been built at the airport city belongs to Waterville’s Teraconi and the famous Alfred Agbesi Woyome. What an interesting combination. In all these, Ghanaians continue to suffer at the expense of such greedy bastards.

Mr. President why do you prosecute Abuga Pele of causing financial loss to the tune of $2million, while, the Italian Teraconi’s Waterville has been ordered by the court to pay 22 million euro(not enforced), and the AG is yet to set aside the default judgment which granted Woyome his life time dream cash for no job done.


It is clear that, taxpayers monies have been misused over the past 5 years. Investor confidence has dwindled. Businesses are collapsing, social vices on the rise, almost every wealth creating institution is calling for change of economic direction.

The AGI, GUTA, GEA are all calling for common sense economic policies to save the private sector. The results of lack of money due to gargantuan corruption have led to over taxation, high prices of goods and services, capital flight and cedi depreciation


Fellow Ghanaians, the time is now for us to stand up and be counted. It is our God given responsibility to rise up to the occasion. We must seek our hope and fight for our right. The Onus is on all of us; young and old, individuals and groups, rich and poor, unemployed and business men to support the cause of change.

A change of attitude and pursuit of all criminals we harbor as businessmen. We must get set anytime soon for this call to press forward for some level of integrity, accountability and transparency from government.


Signed: AFAG Leadership