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(Photos)Niisbuiga Primary School, a death trap

Source: Buta, Niisbuiga
Over 240 pupils of the Niisbuiga primary school at the Garu Tempane district in the Upper East Region continue to study under deplorable conditions with the kindergarten one and two classes studying under a shea nut tree.

The rest of the lower primary class, from primary one to five share a mud building almost collapsing with some of its pillars supporting the building broken.

Most of the children sit on the bare sandy floor during class hours while others have to share the same table with their teachers and benches which are not school friendly.

Mr. Philip Issaka, the head teacher of the school revealed the pupils go home anytime the weather threatens for the fear of the school building collapsing on them.

He said the structure was constructed by the community members to allow their children to have access to education without walking for miles to other communities.

“The downward trend of education in our area needs urgent attention to provide friendly educational environment for the children”, he added.

The only school which serves the entire community has six teachers who travel three kilometres from the township to the school with the exception of the headmaster who rides ten kilometres to school every day due to lack of accommodation.

classMr. Issaka said teaching and learning are brought to a halt, and the children are made to go home when it’s about to rain due to the nature of the school structure to accommodate them.

According to him it has been a normal practice for the children to carry the benches and tables to and fro before and after classes.

For Ms. Rose Awindango, the primary one teacher, despite the challenges, the teachers are bent on teaching the pupils to become responsible leaders in the future.

She emphasised that the situation ultimately is not conducive for effective teaching and learning, and therefore pleaded with the government to intervene with better and adequate infrastructure to enable them help the vulnerable children entrusted to them.

Ms. Awindango also called on Non-Governmental Organizations and institutions to assist the school with educational material and a bore hole.

Mr. Albert Alazuuga, the District Chief Executive officer on a phone interview admitted the situation, but said a contract has already been awarded for the construction of a six unit classroom block which will soon commence.



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