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Message of the Week: Secured in the Blood of Jesus!

Picture above: Rev. Dzifanu Agbenya.

Secured in the Blood

Sermon presenter:  Rev. Dzifanu Agbenya  of Living Comfort Ministries, Chicago IL

Mack O Larbi

Mack O Larbi

Security as our watchword is defined in dictionary as freedom from danger, risk,  protection or precaution, assurance or guarantee.

Beloved, for the purpose of this article, my question to you will be; how secured are you as a believer? Do you relate your security across board to the blood on Calvary?

Join me in tracing the blood to its root.

” The blood will be a sign for you on the houses where you are, and WHEN I SEE THE BLOOD, I WILL PASS OVER YOU. No destructive plague will touch you when I strike Egypt. ( Exodus :12:13 NIV) .

For four hundred years, the descendants of Abram were living on a foreign land, a land of slavery and affliction, the land that many of us today one way or the other can liken to our situation. Can we say a type of addiction to sin, bondage, fear, sickness, indebtedness or poverty of a kind? Is it a dark pit or a challenging situation where our physical strength and connections are not powerful enough to bring relief?

In  Genesis chapter 15:13-14   The Lord God spoke to Abram concerning the  four hundred years of slavery and affliction which his descendants will go through and it was fulfilled according to the word of God. It is noteworthy to say that not only was the pain and misery, the affliction and oppression foretold but the type of deliverance that the Lord God would bring to his people at the end of their years of slavery.

The sovereignty of the Lord was in display and so strong was its impact that as the years of this prophesy was coming to a close, the Lord commanded his people to celebrate the Pass Over feast to signify the night of the ultimate showdown between the forces of darkness and light, good and evil. It was the night when the spirit of death executed the firstborn sons of the Egyptians. It will never cease to amaze me that no calamity befell the house of the Israelites because of the blood of the Pass Over lamb (the security apparatus of Heaven) which was smeared on their houses to make the distinction.

In our contemporary times, the Blood still speaks and is still potent in every sphere of our lives. Dwelling on our theme for the year 2014 ” Enlarge my territory” it is important to understand that slavery and bondage in any shape or form will not allow us to enjoy the fullness of the blessings and enlargement that God  intends to bring us. The Lord stated categorically that in His Word written in 3 John 1:2 Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.(KJV)

Many believers these days live in one form of bondage or affliction. The dual standard lifestyle has affected many believers  because we love to  “name and claim the promises” of God in public  but deep within we suffer in silence because  we have not allowed the Lord to pass over the situation and rid it of Pharaoh and all that he stands for.

Pharaoh and his cohorts represented the pain and affliction of the Israelites. On Pharaoh’s crown was a cobra serpent, now the serpent is described in the bible  as ” the great dragon, the serpent of old, the Devil and Satan” in  Revelations 12:9 and Genesis chapter 3 also  describes the serpent as more  cunning of all the beasts of the field. The ultimate goal of the devil is to steal , kill and destroy but Jesus Christ assures us that he has come that we may have life. John 10:10.


Just as the Passover marked the end to the slavery and affliction of the people of God so does Christ’s sacrifice on the cross  of Calvary mark our end to afflictions and bondage to sin. In Exodus 12:5 the Israelites were instructed to sacrifice a lamb  without defect, it is interesting to note that Jesus Christ, our propitiation according to John’s gospel chapter 19:6 was  also without defect, in fact he was faultless ” therefore when the chief priests and officers saw Him, they cried out ,saying, Crucify Him, crucify Him!” And Pilate said to them, ” You take Him, for I find no fault in Him ( NKJV).

Jesus Christ was the ultimate sacrificial lamb. He died and his blood sets us free from the entire affliction and curses and the powers of darkness, but this takes effect only when you are identified with the blood.

Bible says in Psalm 91:1 that  “he that dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty……” Child of God, the price for your freedom has already been paid, what is left is you playing your role and taking it by faith. The question then arises, how do I enjoy this freedom?

You see, dear reader, just as Pharaoh did not let go of the Israelites without a fight, so the devil is not letting go of those he held in bondage without a fight. However, be comforted in the fact that in the end the Israelites were delivered and they left their oppressors with great possessions. Understand that whatever the devil has stolen from you all these years, the pain, the shame, the agony , the disgrace, your family, your dignity, your marriage, your children, your business your home your spouse, if only you would obey the Lord, deliverance is yours and your territory will be enlarged. The Lord Instructed the Israelites to observe the pass over, in our day and time, it is the Lord’s supper or Holy communion which the bible states that as we do it, we do it to remember his death.

The Holy Communion brings us closer to experience the moment of glorification of the son God. In Luke 22: 14-21 Jesus celebrated the Pass Over feast with his disciples prior to his crucifixion. He established the new covenant and expects us to do it “in remembrance of me”. When was the last time you took the communion? There is power in the blood of Jesus Christ, the only one that breaks away the power of sin and death over our soul. He commands us to do it , for He say’s ”  when I see the Blood, I will pass Over You”.

Are you covered with the blood? Is your family, children, finances, marriage, education your house and property covered with the blood of Jesus? Remember that it is only when your are covered with the blood that the plague will passover you . May you be covered this day, this week, this month, this year in the blood of Jesus, may the Lord protect you from sickness, accidents, death and every wicked forces that seeks to oppress and derail your blessings. Remember,” when I see the Blood, I will pass Over You”. I entreat you to plead the Blood of Jesus over you and all your family. Cover them day and night and may God bless you as you do His will.

In Luke 24:30-31, the word of God says that after he broke bread with the guests, their eyes were opened, I pray that the Lord God will open your eyes this week, this month, this year 2014 to your surroundings so you can see the blessings and opportunities that are around, may you be favored by God because you have obeyed His word.

Just as the Lord declared ” freedom from every pit for his people who were held prisoners in Zechariah 9: 11-12, so I decree that by virtue of the’ blood of the covenant” you will come out of every pit the enemy has dug for you and your family in 2014.

I pray and release angelic covering and protection over you and all that concerns you, may the Blood of Jesus cover and protect you from every plague or calamity that is plotted against you. May God order your steps and lead you.

Source: Mack O Larbi







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