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Sankofa: Proposed Youth Programs That Were Not Implemented -Nelson Hodogbey

I learnt in my absence there were assertions that I did not have plans/programs for the  Youth when I served as “Youth Secretary” of the GNC…….Funding by the GNC was the main reason these programs were not implemented.. Please read my proposals below …..Nelson Hodogbey


Nelson Hodogbey, Immidiate Past Youth Secretary GNC.

Nelson Hodogbey, Immidiate Past Youth Secretary GNC.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago,GNC, is a pace setter for the Ghanaian diaspora Community when it comes to organization and promoting of programs that promote unity in the Ghanaian community in the diasporas. To keep that enviable title, we need to create a sustainable programs for the Ghanaian youth, who will one day take over from us and sustain our culture and way of life.


We are therefore proposing the following activities/programs for the youth this year:

  • Youth Day for the Ghanaian Youth. On this day, the Ghanaian youth will gather at one place and participate in various cultural activities.

These activities include Ghanaian folk tales, stories, drumming and dancing, art work, motivating speeches, hands on activities etc.

  • Organize home work and or assistant learning centers at various sites in the community. The size and time will depend on the number of volunteers that we can get to man these centers. At these centers, we will assist the kids with various learning skills, teach them personal timetable for learning, tutoring, avail other community resources available to them and other activities that could help them to succeed.
  • Organize a trip or a picnic day for the youth. With available funding, we will organize a youth trip to places such as Six flags or a picnic. The picnic could take the form of the one the GNC organized last year for the youth.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen it does not and will not cost much to have our youth participate in Ghanafest. A grand parade of the youth as was done before will not only bring them together but promote their interest in the culture of their forefathers.

Goals and Objectives

The programs and activities undertaken by the Ghana National Council are tailored to suit its aims and objectives. The youth programs are ways of making these laudable aims and objectives a possibility. Some of the goals and objectives that dictate the programs above are as follows:

  • To promote the general      welfare and togetherness among the Ghanaian Children in Chicago.
  • Establish and maintain      friendly relations with the families that constitute the Ghana National      Council.
  • Promote recreational      activities that will unite the Ghanaian descent children.
  • Attract the future leadership      of the community to the Ghana National Council.
  • To promote, counsel and also      offer assistance to the children in the community.
  • Develop fundraising mechanism      to support, promote and maintain these aims.


Ladies and Gentlemen, if we approve these programs and work assiduously towards their fruitful implementation and sustenance, it will bring our kids together and assure that our culture will be preserved when we are long gone. Thank you!

Nelson Hodogbe

Youth Secretary.


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