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UG road toll begins

The University of Ghana has started charging tolls from drivers who use the campus roads despite concerns about its legality.

The situation has led to massive traffic at the main entrance of the University.

In an interview with Citi News, President of the Students Representative Council (SRC), Eric Edem Agbana said the situation is chaotic and abysmal.

“If you come to the University of Ghana campus now, the traffic situation that is here is very bad because the toll that is located around the ‘’Okponglo’’ entrance [Main gate] is causing massive traffic; because the traffic light can give you a green signal but because of the way and manner in which they are collecting the tolls, they have blocked the road…”

He further stated that, “the structures are not ready and because the structures are not ready you have some young people lined up on the streets holding tickets and they are selling before you can enter the campus.”

Mr. Edem Agbana questioned how drivers are to know the authenticity of the tickets. “Where lies even accountability, what is the assurance that people are not even duplicating tickets they are giving out; this thing is not even done properly, it is so abysmal.”

The University of Ghana announced that effective February 1, 2014 “private vehicles are to pay 1 Ghana Cedi while taxis and commercial vehicles will pay 2 Ghana Cedis.

Heavy duty trucks are to pay 3 Ghana Cedis at the University’s toll booth per entry.”

The publication by the University has incurred public criticism and some legal practitioners have also questioned the legality of the school’s decision.

The SRC of the University organized an emergency meeting to that effect, calling on its stakeholders and government to come on board and abolish the introduction of the road tolls by the University authorities.

“We are calling on the government to come in and regulate some of these things because we are in a society that is being governed by a government. We are calling on all stakeholders, government, University management, to reconsider their stand within the shortest possible time,” President of the SRC, Edem Agbana stated.

But the University authorities responded by saying they have to charge the tolls to pay for a loan they took from the bank in constructing and maintaining the roads on campus.

The authorities of the University were scheduled to meet on Friday to decide whether or not they can go ahead and charge tolls from today as planned. This follows a suit served on the University.

Meanwhile, students of the University of Ghana have hinted of a possible demonstration on campus following the implementation of toll charges for all users of the roads on campus.

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