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Deputy Minister of Youth And Sports – Pius Enam Hadzide

U.S. Based NPP Stalwart Supports Pius Enam Hadzide for NPP Youth Organizer!

………The political landscape in the Volta Region has changed , a win for Pius is a sure bet of the grand success that awaits this great Party!!!!..a prominent Voltarian!

Source : ( Boateng, Immanuel Okrah)

Pius campaigns with Nana Addo!

Pius campaigns with Nana Addo!

The clarion call of the elephant family is to win political power, come 2016. How to achieve this feat is, however, a very big challenge. It is, therefore, not out of place when various approaches are being proffered, such as change of the Presidential Candidate, rejection of the current NEC members at the next Congress, and revamping of the entire party’s structure.

The consensus of the various opinions, however, seems to be the fact that what actually happens on the day of voting in 2016 is of paramount importance. And that, the political party which has done a good job in putting proper mechanisms in place to protect their votes, no, to outsmart the other parties would carry the day. But this preparation would require a lot of work, and it’s not going to be easy.

We have seen how the political dynamics in our body polity are being shaped vigorously since the NDC came back to power in 2009, and it is being effected by the youth of the NDC. This development has given the youth of the NPP a cause to worry about our prospects of winning back power. Their worry is justified in the sense that in each of the past two general elections we pitched an old team (which we had thought was experienced) against a youthful and smart team of the NDC. The results of those political ballgames have been heartbreaking for us. To make matters worse, nobody is willing to take responsibility for our failure to win power. Nevertheless, if we are not ready to push for persons to be named and or held responsible for our two electoral fiascos we can, at least, change people at the helm of our party. And we must do so strategically. To me, the first and most important point of change would be the Youth Wing. We would need a very smart and dynamic Youth Leader to lead our charges. We must not compromise on this! We must look for a person who has a good knowledge about the strategies and operations of our main opponent, the NDC.

Pius arguing the point for NPP!

Pius arguing a point for NPP!

Fellow Patriots, I have been moved by the above issues to weigh in concerning the selection of the youth organizer at the next Congress. In that regard, I recommend to you Enam Pius Hadzide as the next Youth Organizer to lead us in the fight for political power, come 2016. He has a good track record with our party: a Ward Organizer, Constituency Youth Organizer, Regional Youth Organizer (contestant), National Youth Organizer (contestant), and Parliamentary Candidate. He has also served under party gurus such as Dan Botwe and Lord Commey during which time he helped in writing the party’s anthem and handbook for Polling Station Executives.  His work within the party has made it possible for him to interact with the rank and file of the party at all levels without any difficulties. In a word, he’s a grassroots man. Communication is not a problem at all since he can speak the major languages in Ghana–Anlo, Ga, Twi, Hausa and English. This places him on a good pedestal to be able to work with our multi-ethnic party.

The main reason behind my write-up is purely from a strategic standpoint. There is no doubt about the fact that some bandits in the Volta and Northern Regions are the brains behind NDC’s electoral “victories”. They are responsible for the planning, strategizing and execution of their rigging agenda to ensure victory for their party. Arguing against this fact is like arguing against the fact that death is real!

The question that follows is how to counter or neutralize this omnipotent NDC scheme to rob us of electoral victory time and again? And my answer which stems from logic is to use the Northerners and Voltarians in our party to help orchestrate a counter strategy to defeat the NDC, since these people are better positioned in terms of geography and linguistic factor to be able to intercept and expose any diabolic plans of our opponent.  You need to understand your opponent in order to know what they are planning. Anything short of this is ground for boom surprise. To buttress my point, since 9/11 even the U.S. with the most credible intelligence agencies  has been recruiting people with Arabic background to help them in counter-terrorism operations.

This is where we need Pius et al. to lead the youth who are equally hungry for power to wrestle it from the hands of these incompetent NDC men and women. For, he is always ready to report on duty when the elephant calls.

Pius loyalty to the Party is unquenchable!

Pius’s loyalty to the Party is unquenchable!

Fellow Patriots, if you have a fair knowledge about Ghana’s geo-politics, particularly in the Fourth Republic, you would agree with this writer that the god of the NDC resides in Ketu. This is the powerhouse of the NDC. Gratefully, we now have very strong NPP supporters battling the NDC in the South and North Ketu constituencies, and Pius Hadzide happens to be one of them. You should listen to these fellows on Minority Caucus with Lawyer Yaw Buaben Asamoa on as they expose NDC’s criminal activities during the biometric registration in the run up to 2012 elections. Unfortunately, and I think to your surprise too, nothing was done about it by our party’s big men. Supposing the gentlemen were one of the big men in our dear party the story would be different. It is this reason that I ask for the youth to elect leaders who would be up and doing and not those who would be jumping from one radio station to another and following the Presidential Candidate as if they were his bodyguard, just to seek media attention. We need a youth leader whose eyes and ears would be wide open. And you can trust Pius on that. Pius is ever ready to share his plans and strategies with members on the right platforms.

Finally, remember no political party in government would give up power easily, so the NDC would be at it again to retain power, come 2016. Ours is to make sure by any means necessary that that doesn’t happen, Insha Allah! Elect Pius and the grassroots of the party will be organized to fight for victory. Kukurudu!

By: Immanuel Okrah Boateng

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