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WHEN YOUNG PEOPLE DIE- A Tribute by Mr. & Mrs. Akoto in memory of their late son-in-law!

By The Journalist and Pauline

The late Elvis Dominguez-Mejia with his family in an undated photo provided by  Mr. and Mrs. Akoto

The late Elvis with his family in an undated photo provided by Mr. and Mrs. Akoto

When young people die, it makes us -the older folks- question our worth and our true purpose on this Earth. In life when the norm is for


children to bury their parents, only God can explain why parents and parents-in-law have to go through the burden of burying their offspring or any younger person that matter.

Our son-in-law Elvis Dominguez-Mejia who passed away on Thursday, January 16, 2014 and the subject of this tribute is a testament of how devastating it is to lose a child or someone younger than you hurts. A young life that has withered away with no explanation. A young man filled with life and had ambitions of becoming a restaurateur in the future, Elvis worked at Francesca’s Restaurant in Bolingbrook before his untimely demise.

Elvis Dominguez-Mejia was born in Mexico City in Mexico on March 18, 1991 to Jose Dominguez and Alma Mejia. The family migrated to the United States shortly after. In 2006, he met our daughter Helen Akoto Owusu (Panin) during the sophomore year when they both attended Bolingbrook High School. Even though both Elvis and Helen were in their early teens and were still in the fledgling stages of life in terms of direction and focus of life, Elvis, through his precociousness and through some of his actions proved that he was matured enough to take care of my daughter.

I don’t know how he managed that but in 2006, when he was just barely 15 years old, Elvis had a job, owned a car and was a proficient driver already. It happened that during their high school days, Helen and her twin sister Helena used to get up and wait for the school bus earlier than expected. That aroused suspicion from me, so I decided to find out why the twins were getting up and going to school earlier than the allotted time. Come to find out, Elvis will drive up early before we woke up, pick the twins up to school and drop them off after school before we got home. After talking to the twins about the safety and liability issues, they conformed and rode the school bus to school until graduation.

Elvis and Helen married on December 25, 2010. They were graduates of Bolingbrook High School. A year later, they were blessed with a son Kenneth Dominguez. As a father, Elvis was exceptional. Nary had a day gone by without Elvis performing his duties. Due to the standard that both Elvis and Helen were in in terms of work, school and parenting, each of the couple continued to live with their parents. The responsibility of taking care of Kenneth would be shared equally.

A young happy couple that were still on the verge of finding each other and what they intended to do with their lives come the future; they were compatible and content.

Wistfulness and shock especially after we just left the funeral home to identify the body of young Elvis. Only 22 years old! He has left behind a young widow in Helen (Panin) and a beautiful boy in the flesh of Kenneth who is so far is oblivious to what is going on right now. What a world we live in!

To all who continue to reel in your condolences and heartfelt wishes, only your encouragements can help us endure this painful experience of burying a child. God Help Us!

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