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Charles Sam

Ghana is in a “useless” situation – Charles Sam

Unfortunately our leaders see leadership as an opportunity to loot the country!!!!!


Motivational Speaker Charles Sam says the self-centeredness of Ghanaian leaders have plunged the country into a “useless situation”.

“We cannot continue with this kind of condition – one step forward, ten steps backwards, that won’t work”, he fumed.

The Chief Executive Officer of Golden Future Promotion said on his One Nation programme on Radio XYZ Friday that: “Ghana needs a paradigm shift in leadership… otherwise we’ll be going around in circles”.

According to him, “we need a certain type of leadership…to get it done”.

He said there is a litany of examples around the world where leaders chose to be selfless and by so doing, propelled their nations into the higher realms of development.

“If you look around the world, all the nations that transformed big time – the nations that went big – it took a certain type of leadership to get it done,” he said.

He said: “…These were hard people who didn’t care about themselves, all they cared about was getting results out there. The poverty of their people was heavy on their hearts…they just couldn’t stand it; sleepless nights. They look for every opportunity to add value whereas here, we look for every space and opportunity to downgrade the system or to fleece the system or to take advantage of the system”.

Mr Sam said the leadership failure of Ghanaian politicians has led to a total loss of trust in them by the people.

“…People don’t trust politicians any longer in our country…of course it mirrors the kind of society we have”.

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