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Otabil task Ghanaians to grow strategically for a better life

Source: GNA

Pastor Mensah Otabil, General overseer of International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), has called on Ghanaians to develop a 20 year plan to better their lives.

Speaking at the crossover service to usher in 2014, he said this would help lift them out of poverty to fruitfulness,

He said the ICGC theme for 2014 is “order” and entreated all and sundry to live a disciplined and orderly life to achieve fruitfulness in all spheres of life.

Pastor Otabil said turning chaotic situations around to allow an atmosphere in which everything functions productively is divine, adding that God is a God of order and principles and not confusion.

He said wherever there is disorder, poverty thrives.

“In the next 30 years, the goal of ICGC is to lift members out of poverty so that their quality of life would be improved,” he said.

Pastor Otabil said in Genesis chapter one, God brought order into a chaotic world, representing a long term vision.

“Don’t grow biologically but strategically for a better life.”

He explained that it is in order for people to plan their lives to become what God want them to become.

Pastor Otabil noted that whether one plans for the next 20 years or not, those years would come and go.

“Each year is a journey of faith, and in 2014, we are walking not in our strength and Jehovah who knows the end from the beginning would be ahead and brings us strength, victory and joy in all spheres of our life and also build our broken parts.

“Our lives have different chapters just like a book, and God is the story teller,” he said and asked people to read the end of it before they throw in the towel.

He announced that in 2014, ICGC would put in place measures that would help people discover their full potential in the next 20 year of their lives.

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