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Ghana:Teachers to boycott classes over continuous defecation in classrooms

Teachers in the Atiwa District of the Eastern region will tomorrow, Monday begin a one week strike action over what they say is the continuous defecation by residents in their classrooms.

The teachers, mostly from new Jejeti, Anyinam, Nkwanta and other communities in the district say despite constant reminders to the chiefs and opinion leaders in the town the practice persists.

One of the teachers, Jones Akabio told Joy News they will discourage new teachers from accepting posting to the district if the practice is not halted after their strike.

“…The latest [incident] was in the KG where they picked an earthenware bowl, bomb-shitted into it, put brooms on it and then they left.

“That was very bad,” he bemoaned, saying other classrooms have also been bomb-shitted.

He suspected the residents were intentionally behaving in that manner and maintained that “we can’t learn in such a condition”.

Mr Akabio also complained that students sometimes assault the teachers.

Meanwhile, the Koforidua Municipal Secretary of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), Albert Awotwe has confirmed the development to JOY News, indicating the teachers have secured a police order to demonstrate in the town together with the school children.

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