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Franklin Cudjoe : President Imani

Eschew Politicization of life- Franklin Cudjoe

Source: myjoyonline.com President and Founder of IMANI Ghana, a leading Policy think tank, Franklin Cudjoe, has advised against the perception that politics is the solution to one’s problem in life.

Speaking on JoyNews’ Tarzan’s Take on Multi-TV, Franklin Cudjoe was unhappy about the manner in which young graduates of today seem to be politicizing every aspect of their lives.

Fascinated by how according to him “a young man finishes school and gets inspired by someone he knew a couple of years back and has now turned MP, who appears to be living well; then he decides to also join in their party without clarity in his mind as to what he or she is bringing to the table”.

He warned people with this kind of perception not to “expect things to change too soon”. Rather, according to Mr. Cudjoe, it is a gradual process to which they must yield without cutting corners. He emphasized, “it will not come that easy as 123”.

He cited the story of Magarette Thatcher, one of the few UK female political figures who had to wait till thirty years to create a revolution in trade policy and privatization in the UK.

As a young leader, Franklin Cudjoe and IMANI have held annual seminars on topical national issues at various Universities in Africa with the hope to robe the youth into the national agenda. He advocated the need to “look for opportunities or avenues to widen those debates”; because according to him “there’s been lots of shiftings” (paradigm) given the feedback received on social media platforms such as Facebook.

He also encouraged the need to show the people “we are involved with, for example those in government, evidence of what works elsewhere without lots of efforts” so they can buy into whatever idea is being championed.

The IMANI President finds it unacceptable, that since 2009, even though Ghana has been blessed with Bright Simons’ innovation on MPedigree, nothing has happened as far as implementation is concerned, but Rwanda upon a mere demonstration of the technology charged that it be made to work within six months.

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