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Available statistics show Rawlings is corrupt – Frank Agyekum


Openly, ex-president Rawlings has admitted that before he walked into presidency, he came in as a poor man who bought food on credit and had to decorate his living room with abandoned seats from an airforce plane.

But today, it is an open secret that the former president can boast of bravura mansions and having expensive meals one can hardly find in a menu book of a local restaurant.

It is for this reason that Mr. Frank Agyekum, a former spokesperson for ex-President Kufuor, finds it hard to side with Mr. Rawlings over his recent attack on his boss. President Rawlings accused his successor, John Kufuor of monopolizing corruption during his two-term tenure in office.

He again described Mr. Kufuor as an autocratic leader who used the military and the police to subdue the spirit of the people.

“… He was the only one who could do corrupt things plus his family and those he would allow, and he would jail anybody else who did not have his permission to be corrupt, so there was a way in which his regime looked orderly because nobody else could engage in it except himself or gave you the permission”, Mr. Rawlings said against Mr. Kufuor.

But in an interview with OKAY FM, Mr. Frank Agyekum pontificated that Mr. Rawlings had no moral justification to make those comments since it was rather his deeds that showed he is corrupt.

According to him, the past life of ex-President Rawlings shows that he used state monies to pay for the expensive education all his children enjoyed abroad. Mr. Agyekum continued that ex-President Rawlings could now boast of uncountable mansions sprouted across the globe; courtesy state monies.

Ex-President Kufuor, according to Mr. Agyekum, acquired his own private house before walking into the limelight and did not depend on state resources to pay for the school fees of his wards. He ended by noting that the comparative analysis shows that ex-President Rawlings is corrupt and lacks what it takes to accuse his successor of being corrupt.

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