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UN challenges Ghana to address causes of child labour


The United Nations has challenged Ghanaian authorities to focus on addressing the root causes of slavery and Child labour in the country.

This is part of recommendations made by the Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of slavery, Gulnara Shahinian following her recent visit to Ghana.

She had observed that children, some as young as four years, continue to be sent on fishing expeditions to do some of the most dangerous works.

They are deprived of education and are not paid what they are due from the work they do.

She blamed the persistence of the practice on poverty, regional disparities, urging that the country must begin to focus on education and health delivery to its citizenry.

Bright Appiah who is with the Civil Society group, Child Rights International agrees largely with the comments by Shahinian.

While admitting that efforts are being made to resolve the challenges, he was quick to add these interventions provide support during emergencies rather than dealing holistically with the problem.

He also suggested that the root causes of the child labour and trafficking must be ascertained and dealt with thoroughly.

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