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Race for Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago (GNC) President Heats up! (Updated)

Picture above: “The current leading candidate, Joseph Henry Baffoe (5 votes)
……….Ebenezer Nsiah trailing with 2 tie breaker votes.

Information reaching indicates that the race for the President of the Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago remains a two way contest between Paa Kwesi Sam and Joseph Henry Baffoe, though Paa Kwesi has dropped a point since our last unscientific polls.

Paa Kwesi Sam, dropped a vote in our polls.

Paa Kwesi Sam, dropped a vote in our latest polls.

Reliable sources revealed that the President of the Okuapeman Association, Paa Kwesi Sam, dropped a vote to Joseph Henry Baffoe. Ebenezer Nsiah is still trailing with 2 tie breaker votes.

Ebenezer Nsiah holding onto two important votes!

Ebenezer Nsiah holds onto two tie breaker votes!

The three candidates are the contestants for the president of the GNC. The winner will serve a three year term.

Paa Kwesi appears to have a lot of support within the chieftaincy council here and majority of the youth and members of the community in general. In response to a question by, Paa Kwesi,who is affectionately called Paa, said he is running because he has policies that could help the Ghanaian community here to acquire the elusive Ghana Community/cultural Center, popularly called Ghana House. He did not mince words when he said “ I don’t see why after charging at Ghanafest we could not raise enough money from that program for a community center”.

Paa tout his record at the GNC where his active participation in two independence anniversary celebrations brought in profit of over six thousand dollars. He also stated that he and others sold and accounted for Ghanafest 2011 tickets. The GNC declared profit after that event. “Based on these and others, my brother, I think I can lead the council in a positive direction, where every ones opinion will be counted and respected. Everyone knows that I am a man of my word; I respect both the old and the young, people will say anything to get elected, I am not that kind of person. “I know I will be writing a new and enviable chapter into the records of the Ghana National Council. I need the votes of positive minded people to help us bring the change necessary to lift up or community. ” Said Paa Kwesi. He concluded by saying that he is in the race for the long haul and has a strategy to win last minute votes to become the next president of the GNC. Paa Kwesi’s candidacy reminds us of the last Okuapeman leader of the GNC, the late Mr.Kwaku Lartey. Paa’s hope of imitating what the late Kweku Lartey did for the Ghanaian community in Chicago remains to be seen after December 1 2013.

Reliable sources informed that ,Mr. Ebenezer Nsiah, who was the former Vice President and Financial Secretary of the GNC,stated that the current funding sources of the GNC are too limited. “President” Nsiah intends to bring on board professional grant writers to assist the council . Nsiah also promised to mobilize the youth and create youth programs to bring the Ghanaian youth in Chicago and its environs together. Nsiah said ” I will bring back the community town hall meetings so that the community will have a say in the GNC.” Asked if he will offer his votes to one of the leading candidates in exchange of the Vice -President position, Nsiah responded with emphatic ” No” . He totally ignored our polls and said he has a strategy to win the elections come December 1 2013.

Other sources told that Mr. Baffoe‘s strategy of winning the elections is to work his way through the grass roots. His strategy appears to be working because so far, he has garnered one more vote since our last polls. His total votes now stands at 5! As it stands now, Baffoe is positioned to win the elections outright if there are no more changes in our polls by election day. is also reliably informed that there has been strong contacts amongst the presidential candidates for merger.So far all efforts for a merger has failed because the three candidates are bent on running for the position despite the obvious results of our polls!

Reliable sources informed that some of the Presidential candidates are going very negative in their campaign. We urge all candidates to stick to the issues and tell the community what they have done and intend to do for the community.

The President-elect will nominate other members of his cabinet for the GNC’S approval.

Ms. Evelyn Mensah and Nana Kwame Frimpong are currently nominated unopposed for Treasurer and Sergeant-at-arm positions respectively.

The GNC elections are scheduled for December 1 2013.

Meanwhile the management of Legend Talk Radio , a web based Radio Station here in Chicago, which is affiliated to Hot FM in Ghana, is trying to interview the candidates live on air. is following the three presidential candidates and will bring to you any new developments.

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